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Улан-Удэнский авиазавод испытывает нехватку экспортных заказов Ulan-Ude aviation plant (UUAZ, part of the holding “Helicopters of Russia”) is experiencing a shortage of export orders. This was announced by the head of the Republic Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn. writes TASS.

“We have to say that the crisis is observed not only here but also abroad, with export contracts at UUAZ this year failed. If last year we did a total of 75 cars, and they mostly went for export, but this year the plant will produce 53 to 55 helicopters by order of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation”, – he said.

The President added that there are potential customers – India and Pakistan, however, “they negotiate, but they suck: there is a sense that the helicopters they needed, but now they are not willing to pay”.

Nagovitsyn noted that the current orders UUAZ much cheaper than last year. “The plant has not arrived in a result: this year no, next year the Republic will receive a total of 400 million rubles of taxes on profits. Before it got to the point that we ever get from them is up to 5 billion rubles of income taxes”, – said the head of the Republic. However, Nagovitsyn expressed the hope that 2017 can become more profitable – to change the situation and the emergence of new export orders.

Earlier, the head of the region reported that record production over the last 15-20 years on UUAZ was celebrated in 2015, when it released 75 cars.

UUAZ is one of the production enterprises of the holding “Helicopters of Russia”. During its 75 years of existence, it has produced more than 8 thousand aircraft, some of which are adopted in a number of countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, CIS countries.