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ВАСО по итогам первого полугодия не получил выручки от продажи самолетов Ан-148 Voronezh aircraft plant (JSC “VASO) in the first half did not receive any proceeds traditionally the main source of income from the sale of regional aircraft An-148. This writes Kommersant – Voronezh.

As explained “Kommersant” in the company, because of the complicated interaction with the Ukrainian authorities planned for 2016 five aircraft this year to customers is supposed to pass only three. This is the second postponement for the supply of two An-148 from the plan for 2016 was originally hoped to pass the defense Ministry in 2015, but the aircraft failed Ukrainian suppliers.

Crisis situation with the supply of VASO An-148 was developed in 2015. At year-end aircraft factory passed the defense Ministry two of the six planned the An-148, the transfer was postponed to 2016. Because of this, last year the plant lost more than 2 billion rubles of profit, and the total income of the company made up 10.33 billion rubles, with of 11.24 billion rubles a year earlier, and the plan of 15 billion RUB. However, even in these conditions most of the revenue was still generated by sales of An-148 (4.49 billion rubles.).

Then the blame for the failure of the timing in VASO laid on the Ukrainian suppliers. “Supplier — Dnipropetrovsk ON “southern machine-building plant” — was not put two sets of gear. It established a parallel production of the chassis in the Nizhny Novgorod JSC “GidroMash”, the defense Ministry agreed to postpone the deadlines specified machines for 2016″, — explained “Kommersant” in the press-service of the aircraft factory (see “Kommersant” on 7 June).

Now however, VASO does not have time to implement the plan before the Ministry of defence in 2016 it is planned to put only three cars. Five more are planned to be in 2017. the plan does Not comply with VASO, the production of components for the An-148/An-158 is on the order of the Ukrainian state enterprise “Antonov” in 2015 was delivered three of the five planned sets. Meanwhile, in 2016 only on the supply of components for Antonov, VASO expects to receive 400 million rubles of profit.

The General Director of the plant Dmitry Prishvin have previously explained that a significant part of the problems associated with “government agencies of Ukraine, for example, the export Committee in determining the output of the country”: “Difficult, difficult, but these issues are resolved”. According to him, operators of machines (in particular, the airline “Angara”) “in one voice declare that the plane was very good.” While further contracts for the supply of An-148, will need about 25 vehicles produced at VASO. Mr. Prishvin also noted that the interest in the liner is the part of Angola, Kazakhstan and Cuba, and the factory “ready to produce up to seven aircraft per year subject to the recruitment”.