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"Победа" планирует в 2016 году перевезти более 4 млн пассажиров Loukoster “Victory” (enters into group “Aeroflot”) intends in 2016 to carry about 4 million passengers, 1 million more than the year before. About it to journalists on Tuesday said the CEO of the company Andrey Kalmykov, reports TASS.

“By the end of 2015, we entered into ten the largest companies of Russia have transported 3 million passengers. At the end of this year, we hope to transport more than 4 million passengers in the same fleet. The growth of passenger traffic associated with the fact that we have become more efficient to fly, but with the fact that the fleet in the last year were 9 vessels, and this – 12. With the geography of flights is in no way connected, it is connected only with the intensity of our flights – we fly a lot and carry a lot” – said Kalmykov.

According to him, next year the company’s fleet replenished with 5 new aircraft, which will allow in 2017 to increase ridership. “It will be the same Boeing 737-800 New Generation, which we will rent. Expected in 2017, passenger numbers will exceed 4 million passengers, but it is hard to say how much as yet the exact delivery date of the aircraft,” – said the CEO.

The airline “Victory” enters into group “Aeroflot” and operates a Boeing 737-800 aircraft (the company’s fleet of 12 aircraft with an average age of about a year).