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ВКС России в 2017 г. получат на вооружение истребители пятого поколения Т-50 The commander of aerospace forces of Russia Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev in conversation with journalists has told about prospects of admission to aircraft of the fifth generation fighter PAK FA (T-50), the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

“Next year we are completing trials of the aviation complex. That’s when we start to receive them. The first batch will comprise five aircraft,” — said Viktor Bondarev.

He added that the next will begin mass production of advanced fighter aircraft PAK FA. “We continue to receive su-35, Mi-28, Ka-52. In addition, we will receive upgraded equipment of the Tu-95 and Tu-160, which show excellent performance,” continued Viktor Bondarev.

Poklonskaya also reported that the aerobatic team “Russian knights” received from the Corporation “Irkut” four super-maneuverable fighter su-30CM.

“On October 14 in the Center display aircraft named Kozhedub was held a solemn meeting of the pilots aerobatic team “Russian knights”. Until the end of 2016, “Irkut” will give “Russian knights” the second batch of su-30CM”, — said Viktor Bondarev.

The chief of the HQs of the Russian Federation congratulated the pilots on their new aircraft. “Today you’ve got ultra-modern fighters of the 4++ generation, who have confirmed their characteristics and in line units, and performing combat tasks in Syria,” — said Viktor Bondarev, stating that, “in his opinion, in the next 10-15 years this aircraft “will not be equal in the world.”

“Every year we buy them practically will get to a regiment of aircraft, that is 20-24 per year”, — said the commander of the VKS RF.