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Владимир Пучков анонсировал пополнение авиапарка МЧС новейшей техникой EMERCOM of Russia in the next few years will increase the aircraft fleet due to the upgraded aircraft and helicopters, including the Arctic variant, said the head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov, reports Interfax.

“EMERCOM of Russia for the next three years planned further increase in the aircraft fleet and the capabilities of the aviation of EMERCOM”, – said Vladimir Puchkov on Tuesday at a workshop in Simferopol, which discussed the further development of aviation.

In this regard, the Minister has set the task to plan all deliveries of new aircraft. “This requires a proactive crew training, it retraining for new aircraft, which is reported in the MOE, including in the Arctic execution”, – said the head of Ministry of emergency situations.

He said that the aviation Ministry is waiting for additional deliveries of aircraft be-200. In the next three years will acquire a new modernized Il-76 aircraft in the new configuration of production in the Ulyanovsk aviation plant, the Il-114 for equipment of regional centers, Mi-26 helicopters and the latest Mi-8 helicopters made by the Kazan aircraft plant, so plant in Ulan-Ude.

“Prepare the new technical requirements, they should be multipurpose, to have specialized equipment, including for carrying out sanitary evacuation, and perform other rescue operations”, – said Vladimir Puchkov.

He noted that Russia has deployed a joint production with various major airlines. “Further work on this issue for the acquisition of these modern aircraft to the EMERCOM of Russia”, – said Vladimir Puchkov.

Equipping the aviation of EMERCOM of Russia are currently 68 aircraft, including 17 planes and 51 helicopters. As part of the aviation of EMERCOM eight of air rescue centers and air rescue company, EMERCOM of Russia. Vladimir Puchkov stressed that the development of the aviation and rescue technology, aviation, Ministry of emergency situations managed to reduce the response time to emergencies and save thousands of lives, help hundreds of thousands of people.