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Приволжская транспортная прокуратура организовала проверку в связи с инцидентом в аэропорту "Чебоксары" Volga transport Prosecutor’s office organized a check in connection with the incident at the international airport “Cheboksary”. Yesterday, November 10, 2016, approximately 22 hours and 25 minutes (GMT) when taxiing after landing at the airport “Cheboksary” the Boeing 737 skidded off the taxiway. It is reported by the Volga transport Prosecutor’s office.

“The aircraft of the airline “Victory” carried out flight Moscow (Domodedovo)to Cheboksary. Onboard the airplane there were 187 passengers, anybody from them has not suffered. Disembarkation took place in a regular mode, using autocrap. On the scene left the Deputy and assistant transport Prosecutor of the Chuvash, the specialists of the Volga interregional territorial administration of air transport of Federal air transport Agency, which in connection with the incident begun check of execution of the legislation on safety of flights. During an organized test will assess the legality of actions of airport ground services and crew. By results of check in the presence of bases resolved the issue of the necessary measures of public Prosecutor’s reaction”, – told in Prosecutor’s office.

The aircraft scheduled in the future had to return to Moscow. The flight was 165 passengers. However, the flight delayed, along with two flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg other airlines. Departures from the airport are suspended due to the current adverse weather conditions. Passengers of delayed flights arriving to the airport provided services of hotel services, hot meals. Their rights is under the control of the transport Prosecutor’s office.

Also due to the adverse weather conditions currently closed international airports in Kazan and Samara. In this regard, the Volga transport Prosecutor’s office instructed the Tatar and Kuibyshev transport Prosecutor’s offices to control the observance of the rights of passengers (consumers) of delayed flights. In the case of violations will be taken prosecutorial response, also said the Prosecutor’s office.