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The Consulate expects but also help themselves

The big story of the “adventure” of resident of Chelyabinsk Artem Nosulenko during a holiday in Tunisia literally “blew up” tapes of the Russian news agencies. We will remind, after a fight with the animator in a hotel, our compatriot has spent 10 days in a local prison. However, after the intervention of the Russian Diaspora the Russian found a qualified attorney, and soon he was released.

Чем дипломаты могут помочь туристам за границей?

Two versions of the same fight

The incident with Nosulenko has received wide attention because of the contradictions which subsequently acquired this sensational story. According to one version, Chelyabinsk, he got into a fight, on the other – he just made a comment to the animator, stood up for his wife, and then fell while trying to Dodge the blows.

Remains unclear and the role of our diplomats in rescuing Russian. According to the Chelyabinsk mass-media, employees of the Russian Consulate in Tunisia, released, reaching agreement with the owner of the hotel in which rested Nosulenko. Animator withdrew all claims to court, and Arthur himself apologized, repenting of their deeds. At the same time, the Russian Diaspora and friends of tourists criticized the Embassy for the slowness and passivity. Critical and our readers, who watched the developments in the publications on TourDom.ru HotLine.travel. Most believe that to rescue the tourist from prison should have been just diplomats. Whether so it actually?

What can and what can not diplomats

First of all, it should be noted that the protection of interests of Russian citizens abroad – of course, the responsibility of the Ministry of foreign Affairs. However, it should not be interpreted literally.

“Turning to the Russian foreign office should keep in mind that his powers are clearly, strictly regulated and governed by the laws of the Russian Federation, laws and international agreements,” – said Maria Zakharova, a spokesman for the Department.

For example, if a citizen is having problems with law enforcement, the Consul can provide primary legal aid, as well as recommend a qualified lawyer with a needed specialization and translator. About it in the comments TourDom.ru said the representative of the Russian Consulate in Tunisia, Rashid Ataev, explaining that tourists from Chelyabinsk was given the necessary legal support.

In addition, the Consulate may assist in establishing contacts with relatives and friends, to observe the trial and compliance with procedural rules.

There are instances when the intervention of diplomats played a crucial role. In 2012, they helped to be released three hapless tourists from Rostov-on-don, which I forgot in the Dubai hotel a pack of gift dollars.

And in 2015-m has promoted the travel agent Sergei Demidov, who in the Abu Dhabi airport on the way to the Seychelles “adopted” police officers, as previously in the UAE did something his namesake.

Help yourself

And still count on the fact that the Consulate will provide full legal support, just not worth it. If the trial will be delayed and need an attorney, the citizen of Russia, who are in jail abroad, will have to bear all related costs. As a variant – to ask for help to relatives or use the support of caring people.

Everything about money is almost always a personal problem, to solve which the Consulate may not. Diplomats are not entitled to pay for the services of lawyers, doctors, hotels, to provide funds to the debt. To help those in need can is that the Council, which, however, is obvious – all financial questions must be solved independently or through loved ones. As told HotLine.travel the employee of the Russian diplomatic missions in Southeast Asia, there are exceptions, but extremely rare. In a limited number of cases, the real threat to the life of the diplomat, for example, can assist in the design of payments for the purchase of a ticket to Russia. However, authorizes the allocation of funds, only the head of the Consulate, and consideration of each individual situation may take time.

Sometimes approval takes months. This happens in cases when citizens of Russia is required medical evacuation, and insurance or not, or it is for some reason not available.

This, incidentally, is a very big problem, which involved not only the Ministry of foreign Affairs, how much the Russian government as a whole. The decision to send spitzbart for the affected citizens is taken at the level of the Prime Minister.

Forewarned is forearmed

When planning your vacation abroad, few people think about all this. We all live with the expectations of the holidays, something interesting, sightseeing, etc. After all, no one knows for sure when and where with us anything can happen. Arrest, robbery, loss of documents, money, assault, accident, sudden deterioration of health – this is not a complete list of troubles which can be faced by any vacationer. Therefore, the Russians traveling abroad, it is possible to err and to minimize possible negative consequences in case of occurrence of such problems.

Before you travel outside of our country’s diplomats are strongly advised to carefully read the information that is updated regularly on the website of the Russian foreign Ministry in the section “abroad”. There is also available mobile application “Foreign assistant”. And finally, the main advice – do not neglect insurance, and don’t go abroad without taking care of the financial reserve in case of emergency. Agree to travel on the last money risky.