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Commercial Director of the Spanish office on the prospects of demand and competition in the direction

Despite the stagnation in the economy and a drop in demand for overseas holidays, TEZ Tour is one of the few tour operators who can afford to arrange tours to the Caribbean on the basis of direct non-stop flights. About the demand Outlook, competition with other major players and product features of TEZ Tour told the commercial Director of TEZ Tour Spain Yevgeny Vasilyev.

Чего ждать от TEZ Tour на Карибах в этом году?

Eugene, tour operators face serious competition from airlines and reservation systems. Tourists in many areas increasingly prefer to organize your holiday yourself. However, the Caribbean can be called an exception – the packages are still in demand. What is the reason?

We have three main trump of the Caribbean are Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico. Top destinations, favorite, really in demand by tourists through the tour operator. Here is a very visible role of agencies – not everyone dares to go alone across the ocean, quite difficult to understand all the intricacies of hotels, coasts, sightseeing tours, there is a language barrier. Plus, of course, the experience of tour operators, contract policy allows us to offer interesting prices. Yourself definitely will not consider any transfers or hotels. Such visits the tourists are long enough and, of course, want to entrust the organization to professionals. Managers who are engaged in these areas are more like designers travel. Tailor and combine different time periods and types of rest, sew tour with a beach holiday, a photo shoot on the beach with a visit to the archaeological site, swimming with whale sharks with the ethnographic Park.

This summer the popularity of the Caribbean region grew particularly significant in this regard is the Dominican Republic. The direction that is considered winter, was first in the ranking prepared by the “BANCO” at the end of the summer. Is it only the absence of Turkey can explain this?

All three of our Caribbean region is such a strong beach-tour horses that work well all year round. It is important that the climate is changing. In Cuba, the Dominican Republic, in the beach resorts of Mexico year-round constant temperature. The rainy season washed out. We have journalists flying in July in Punta Cana in the press tour and said: “Oh, well, there is the rainy season and it rains like cats and dogs”. In the end, was surprised that the rain was short-lived, for the most part at night and not interfered with. On the contrary, the cloud even protect from the bright sun. It is not surprising that the Dominican Republic this summer tasted. It sold very well. And, despite the range of flights, this is not a resort of exorbitant prices. It is comparable to expensive Turkey.

In the Dominican Republic you have some serious competition. What are the benefits of TEZ Tour, given that your product is not the cheapest on the market?

We are really know very well Dominican Republic. Because I live on the island 24/7. See, communicate, understand the direction vector. We have our own office. It’s actually a guarantee of quality rest. Guarantee that your tourists under supervision. We have very good hotels, exclusive conditions, a quick confirmation, the ability to solve the questions of tourists. Our PR Director Larisa Akhanov was with journalists from respected publications and communicate with tourists. She noticed that many arriving from other tour operators chose our guides, our tour program. We are in constant communication with local authorities, Ministry of tourism. We are doing a lot to promote the Dominican Republic as direction. Yes, everyone now wants cheap. Price motor sales. But think about it and explain to the tourists, due to what can be achieved with such low prices. Uncomfortable for almost 20 hours in the fetal position with a stopover of nowhere, the hotels that sometimes the sales Department in the eye did not see and chose, solely in the low price and not service and quality services. Excursions from the “Look left, look right”. Such approaches diskreditiert direction. We grind the quality, service, and our Dominican tourist will get the best in the area! You choose – or the claims of the tourists, or credits and refunds.

You mentioned a long flight. What would you recommend to tourists who think it’s an insurmountable obstacle for a trip to the Caribbean?

Carriers should be reliable and comfortable.

Tourists who choose such long-haul destinations, primarily prefer flights of scheduled airlines. Cuba is, of course, Aeroflot. The Dominican Republic is the airline “Russia”. It is reliable and convenient. Brighten up mnogogolovy flight, if approached for booking wisely. For example, those who are confused a long flight, you can offer to do the docking for shopping or short city break in a European capital.

Dominican Republic – mainly beach holidays that travel agents know how to sell. But Mexico and Cuba for many – a tough nut to crack. What to pay attention?

Mexico is the most complex product, character, requiring serious preparation. I recommend travel agents to sell combinations of short tours and a complete beach holiday in resort areas such as Cancun and the Riviera Maya. It is rich of impressions rest.

This holiday is considered expensive, but actually Mexico is available in the budget interpretation. There you can send and young people, and families with children. On the coast the mass of three-star hotels, clean, comfortable, included into the infrastructure of a four – or five-star complexes. There are fun theme parks for the whole family.

Cuba we are in the top three most popular new year’s destinations. Come here year round. Tourists like to book their overnight stay in Havana – this means that they are interested in not only beaches, but also attractions of the island. For many, Cuba is an opportunity to experience a shared Soviet past. The Caribbean will always be interesting for tourists for a number of reasons. Usually it’s either visa-free areas or countries with simplified rules of entry. It’s safe here. They are not like anything else and give the unique experience for which people travel. In one country, on one island and the resort you get the whole gamut of tourist attractions. SPA, gastronomy, dive into the history of colonial life. Romantic getaway, wedding ceremony, crazy international party – it’s all there in the Caribbean.

Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico – these areas of the budget is difficult to call. How much for 2-3 years has changed the client on the Caribbean direction and what do you do to keep him?

We understand that exchange rates and the tourists themselves, their needs, approaches to recreation. We analyze, calculate, move towards the different wishes and even try within the direction where everything is already invented, to take account of new challenges. Tourists reduce the number of days. Yes, but they still want to see the same amount of close to the same amount of ultraviolet light. Every trip to the Caribbean – exclusive requires training. For example, additional excursions tourists are willing to pay in Moscow. No one watches the guide at the hotel. For the convenience of the agencies and clients we have created a special website for the sale of the city’s sections in countries including Mexico and the Dominican Republic. To deal with them is not difficult: you can make a selection of tours in various settings to see prices and details programs. Prices are quoted in EUR but when you go to a tab specific proposals dialog box opens reservation, where the cost will be immediately recalculated into rubles based on the number and age of travelers.

Agencies that can bring additional benefits?

Agency having a contract with the company TEZ Tour and access to our booking system, you can get additional Commission if the client uses the services of this website. This is very valuable: for many thousand kilometers to get a quality tour service. In the framework of the “Caribbean weeks”, we’ll focus on our product. Sure, the partners get a lot of interesting to learn about all the nuances and subtleties of sales.