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On the eve of the season HotLine.travel publishes comparative reviews of resorts in Thailand

One of the most popular destinations for the upcoming winter promises to be Thailand. Despite the fact that this area is popular among Russian tourists for many years, not everyone understands what resort this country is better suited for them. In this article, freelance correspondent HotLine.travel in Thailand Olga Selivanova says, where better to go for families with children, youth groups or those who dream of peace and solitude. Face it, when the season on the Islands and the mainland, and when you risk to fall in the rainy season and storms; where it is cheaper to vacation in Thailand, where more expensive, where is more fun and safer.

Где лучше отдыхать в Таиланде - сравнение курортов.

Pattaya – Thailand classic

Traditionally popular among Russian-speaking tourists the direction of the beach-resort in Thailand is a holiday on the mainland. It is, first and foremost, the world-renowned Pattaya and less popular Cha Am and Hua hin. All these resorts are located about one and a half to two hours away from Bangkok But, but in opposite directions.

Pattaya – “the city that never sleeps”, “the city-a sex resort.” Both titles are true. Yes, indeed those who seek will find. Easily and quickly. But this does not mean that in Pattaya you can’t go with children, young and older. The current mayor of the resort city took control of the situation, and everything became more decent and more modest than before. Even at the local Arbat – Walking Street, merry street, Nightclubs, bars with live music and entertainment, it is possible to go for a walk with the whole family, because there are better seafood restaurants, outdoor terraces which lead straight to the sea. We must admit that the reviews of tourists on the beaches of Pattaya are not the best. The purity of the water leaves much to be desired. The beaches of Pattaya paid entirely occupied sun beds, but the environment is declared a free day, no sun loungers, Wednesday – lie down and sunbathe, where you want.

Very big plus of Pattaya is its relative cheapness, a huge number of all kinds of entertainment, availability of hotels in different price categories, located in a quiet and very busy areas of the city. For travelers who value clean sea, trips to the nearby island of Koh LARN, just half an hour by boat or 10 minutes by speed boat, or the beautiful beaches around the city. In most Pattaya and around it many interesting and diverse tour itineraries, including families with children, in particular, contact zoos and farms (with a fascinating show of elephants, crocodiles, tigers and other animals), the Dolphinarium, recently opened a water Park, a tropical garden Nong Nooch with a colorful representation of the national section of orchids, and much more. So the resort can be recommended and young people, and families with children and without, and the newlyweds. Conclusion: Pattaya is a cheap resort for a varied and active holiday, suitable for tourists with different income and preferences.

Где лучше отдыхать в Таиланде - сравнение курортов.

Hua hin or Cha am?

Hua hin is rightly called Royal resort, since there are two residences of the Royal family of Thailand. Accordingly, Cha Am and Hua hin are more quiet and upscale and, consequently, more expensive places. For comparison, rent a deck chair on the beaches of Pattaya, on average, 50 baht, in Hua hin – from 100 baht. These resorts are the oldest in the country, so are of interest in terms of historic architecture and original buildings. In a large number of excursions to these towns, their outskirts and neighboring provinces, some of them really deserves attention. The advantage of these resorts are large and not too crowded beaches and clean sea, it is sufficient that the mainland is rare.

Conclusion – Cha Am and Hua hin offer a relaxing family beach holiday not for the budget-conscious traveller.

The concept of seasonality holidays in all these resorts is relatively, travelers from all over the world come all year round, but April and may are the hottest time, and from the middle of the summer calendar begins the rainy season, which reaches its peak in September and ends in late October – early November. However, the warm tropical rains are mostly at night, and if day and the rain, then, as a rule, very long. But traditionally the best time to visit the mainland resorts of Thailand is the period from November to March.

Где лучше отдыхать в Таиланде - сравнение курортов.

Phuket, Samui and Koh Chang

Perhaps the best resorts of Thailand – Phuket and Samui. Phuket is the most expensive resort, but, perhaps, nowhere else in this country you will not find such clean and beautiful beaches. Around Phuket there are plenty of Islands with idyllic scenery and clear water, which organized trips. This, for example, Similan Islands or James bond island. On the island there is also something to see.

Koh Samui in recent years very actively developing as a tourist destination, stay there, too expensive, but life here is more relaxed and leisurely than in Phuket. The island has several beautiful waterfalls. Around is the national marine Park of Ang Thong consists of 42 Islands, including Koh Phangan where the full moon hosts the famous Full Moon Party, it is a kind of Thai equivalent of Ibiza.

Где лучше отдыхать в Таиланде - сравнение курортов.

Perhaps Phuket can be recommended to all categories of travelers with a budget above average. Samui best travel honeymooners and those seeking peace and privacy. But don’t forget about Koh Phangan is for those who want to have fun!

Maybe relaxing will appeal to a small, cozy and very affordable Koh Chang, around which is also a marine reserve with dozens of inhabited and uninhabited Islands. The season of rains and storms in Phuket is from may to September Samui from October to December on Koh Chang from April to October.