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Guide to sections of the great wall of China from the PAC GROUP

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of China, – Great wall of China.

As a rule, all want to go on a tour, but not all know what to visit there are many sites and each one is unique. Marina Sevostyanova, senior Manager, Southeast Asia Department, individual tourism PAC GROUP, told where better to do a selfie, look up original brickwork and how to get down from the Wall on a rope.

“A real man needs to conquer the Great wall”

The area , Juyongguan is the closest to Beijing (only 60 km) and the most visited. “Top” are stone steps of different heights and widths and 13 towers (“stations”). Climbing is not so easy, so many tourists takes place in the beginning and did not reach the place where the give signs “I conquered the Wall”. Only the most persistent find out that more and more becomes a gentle rise. Duration of tour 4-5 hours and cost 80 $ per person*.

Где делать селфи на Великой Китайской стене?

Traditionally, the tour guide before leaving the bus quoted the words of Mao: “a Real man needs to conquer the Great wall.” And men try to climb to the end point of the route. Return guide says that the main thing – to set foot on the Wall, it is not necessary to go to the end.

Где делать селфи на Великой Китайской стене?

Another popular tourist site is Badaling. It is about the same, but has an important feature – the cable car that carries tourists to the top. Along the way you can appreciate and photograph the beautiful views, without any special effort.

Duration 4-5 hours, $ 100 per person, including cable car*. Badaling is most often visited by organized tourists within
tours to China.

Где делать селфи на Великой Китайской стене?

Visiting these sites is easy to combine with other attractions. This is especially true when tourists look not only Beijing, but other cities of China, such as in our
tour “Ancient capital” at a price of 897 $.

Где делать селфи на Великой Китайской стене?

Plot Mutianyu is known primarily downhill from the Wall on the toboggan: a landmark and attraction in one. A good option for those traveling with children.

Где делать селфи на Великой Китайской стене?

Those who are not ready to the extreme, we can use a standard cable car. The duration of the tour 5-6 hours, cost is $ 130 per person, including cable car and downhill*.

Where untouched by a restorer

It was the most well-known areas, but the following three many tourists may not have heard of. They still got the restorers, so you can touch the stones of the Ming dynasty (XVI century). Some of the stages is so broken that you literally have to climb it.

Где делать селфи на Великой Китайской стене?

Huanghuacheng is probably the most beautiful of the “tourist” sections of the Wall. He is a half-hour drive North of Beijing and is known as the “Great wall under water”, because part of it was flooded after the construction of the reservoir. There is a restored area, allowing the tourist with any physical training to enjoy the spectacular scenery.

The most courageous tourists go on the Wall to fully enjoy the “spirit of history” – because of “convenient” plot starts original masonry with a cut-out on the bricks by characters indicating the time of laying and the number of units the Builder. On this segment it is important to calculate the strength of the cable car here. Tour duration 6-7 hours, cost 160 $ per person*.

Где делать селфи на Великой Китайской стене?

Perhaps the most difficult part of Ciniselli (VI century), which stretches for 10 km along the peaks of the mountains. The wall in this place looks like a dragon crawling in the mountains. And travelers often have to almost crawl to the ruined time steps. But the views from the tops, fully compensate for the effort. Duration 7-8 hours, the price is 205 $ per person, including cable car*.

Где делать селфи на Великой Китайской стене?

Antiques lovers and extreme sports will love the area of Simatai. For the original type of masonry, it is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. Those looking for thrills will offer down the Wall on a rope over the lake – breathtaking! Tour duration 6-7 hours, the cost is $ 200 per person, including cable car*. At the foot of this section of the Wall located GUBEI village – a replica of the Chinese provinces of yesteryear. Trip to the Simatai with a visit to the village will cost 235 $ per person*.

The most advanced active tourists recommend Hiking three or four day itineraries on the great wall of China with visits to various sites and overnight in local villages. A trip to any of the sites, you can add in any individual program PAC Group by sending the calculation to [email protected] or fill in the form in
your account on the website.

*Prices are as at 12.10.16 for two people.