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How to guide tourists and take into account all their wishes?

Overseas ski resorts have become unattainable for many due to the growth of the exchange rate, the General economic downturn. That is why the eyes of the countrymen appealed to their native mountains, to the benefit of Russia they are rich. Here only to understand the features of each of them – the task is as complex as the first time to ski, but doable. Especially if you contact the experts.

To understand the range, advantages and disadvantages of the Russian ski resorts will help the Director of product of the National tour operator ALEAN Dmitry Popov.

Где родился, там и прокатился

Ski resorts are assessed not only according to standard criteria of the tourist product from the point of view of price, infrastructure, comfort, distance, etc. an Important measure for the adherents of the ski are the sensations they can get from riding in a particular place. And they, in turn, depend on several factors: the height of the mountains, the characteristics of the slopes, the duration of the season, the opportunities for off-piste, Heli-skiing and other professional criteria.

Consider the resorts in our country, among which the winter unfolds, the battle for hearts and romance of the Russians.

A matter of choice

One of the oldest ski resorts in the Caucasus – Dombay and the Elbrus region, which operate from the Soviet Union, which certainly leaves its mark. Beckons skiers here are not well-developed modern infrastructure and, above all, the complexity and the extreme tracks that are the only way, even in Europe. Here you will find the hyped chains, chain hotels. But enjoy the long slopes. Just got up on skis, took the second and again the need to queue for the cable car – it’s not about Dombay and Elbrus. And especially not about the unique mount Cheget, where about 15 steep and bumpy slopes for the experienced wheelers in length from 800 to 1 600 m elevation at a level of 1 km, and the coolness of some of the descents very, very serious.

Где родился, там и прокатился

The route on Elbrus, which is located nearby, is wider and flatter, fit both experienced and beginners. Here there are only a few, but the length of the largest 5 km from Dombay 12 tracks with a total length of 20 km.

In General, these resorts are not only extreme and real fans and novice skiers and snowboarders. Here is an opportunity for freeriding, backcountry skiing and climbing to maximum altitude on snowcats or helicopters.

Где родился, там и прокатился

In Karachay-Cherkessia, where the Caucasus mountains have a more flattened shape, is located a young but rapidly growing winter sports center “Arkhyz”. A couple of years he could become quite an adequate substitute for the European resorts. In just three years, the resort has got three cable cars, slopes of varying difficulty, snowparks, is actively developing infrastructure. It is planned the commissioning of a ski resort in Chechnya.

In Krasnaya Polyana ski resorts powerful impetus for development was given by the Olympics. To they can even compete with European resorts. Of course, the prices are significantly higher. If in the Elbrus region, and especially on Dombai suspended 80% of cheap hotels in Krasnaya Polyana, everything is exactly the opposite. This also applies to the cost of equipment rental, ski passes, the average ticket in the cafe.

Где родился, там и прокатился

But the nature here is inviting. Thanks to the mild mountain-climate, snow is rare looseness, transparency and airiness, with thick snowflakes. This creates excellent opportunities for freeriding.

One of the most popular resorts of Krasnaya Polyana – “Gorki Gorod”, he is one of the largest. The number of tracks, mastered by miles and lifts there is increasing every year. In the season 2015/2016 was opened on 25 km of ski runs (two green, five blue, 13 red and three black runs). The three phases of the gondola, elevation of 1 240 m. ski Day ski pass from 9 to 17 in high season will cost an average 2 000 rubles.

“Rosa Khutor” took place most of the Olympic ski competitions, so it was and still is the most promoted, the most prestigious resort. In the season when the weather is nice, open up to 35 ski runs of different difficulty levels. From the top can descend not only seasoned riders but only just embarked on the ski. Ski day depending on the season will cost an average of 2 300 RUB.

From point A to point B: “Abzakovo” and “Bath”

More economical – ski resorts “Abzakovo-Bath”. They attract primarily tourists from nearby regions – Chelyabinsk, Orenburg, Tyumen, Kurgan, Sverdlovsk regions and the Bashkiria where they are. Therefore, the majority of people get there by car.

Где родился, там и прокатился

The advantage is that you can at one time to ski at two resorts as “Abzakovo and metallurg-Magnitogorsk” or, as it is called in the people, and “Bath” are located from each other at a distance only 25 km away. the People have the opportunity to use the facilities of both complexes. By themselves, the resorts are totally different. In “Abzakovo” among the mountains and forests the climate is milder, so when severe frosts people prefer him. Plus attracts a wide variety of trails. Just their 13, with a total length of 18 km, while in “Bath” – seven tracks. In “Abzakovo” almost all of the ski lifts, and the resort also loses to its neighbor, where gadolinia high-speed eight-seat cabins will lift you up to a height of 450 m with a speed of 6 m/s in 5 minutes. Accordingly, the bandwidth of the second much higher. In an hour you can ski down 3-4 times, but in “Abzakovo” two times less, that certainly has value when renting ski pass.

Где родился, там и прокатился

With regard to infrastructure, the “Abzakovo” is the eponymous house on the territory of which is located a water Park, SPA center, bathing complex, Wellness center, zoo, go-karting, night club, Non-Stop, bowling, Billiards, disco, gyms, shooting-stand complex, children’s playgrounds, cafes, bars, restaurants and eateries, rental ski equipment. Life here boils both day and night.

There are a variety of accommodation options: from budget holiday homes to high class hotels. The minimum cost of accommodation in hotels “Abzakovo” – from 1 800 RUB.

Где родился, там и прокатился

Problems with the choice of accommodation is not in a “Bath”. Level of comfort in hotels, from economy to VIP-class. Resorts do not differ on pricing. For example, ski hire with boots last year, depending on the manufacturer’s cost from 100 to 500 RUB. per hour or 500 to 1 000 rubles per day. A single ride on the ski pass 150 RUB, hour of the ascent – 450, one day -1 600 RUB.

More information on resorts and prices can be viewed on the website of the resort or contact the managers who will help you choose the most suitable option for you, call 8 (495) 2-300-300. www.alean.ru