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Tourists spend in the aircraft from 8 minutes to 19 hours

Austrian airlines Group Air on Wednesday, November 2, made its first flight on the shortest international destination in the world. Her plane, came from a Swiss airport St. Gallen-Altenrhein, after only 8 minutes after the flight landed in Friedrichshafen in Germany. The flight is operated twice a day.

The route length of 20 km runs through lake Constance, located on the border of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the fare is 40 €. Observers note: this flight is a matter of much debate due to the fact that spent a disproportionately large amount of fuel for such a short journey – in the air the plane is only 4 minutes. In addition, the public sharply criticizes the airline for the noise and the harm to the environment.

It would seem “absurd” 8-minute journey actually makes sense as part of a long journey to Cologne, local media reported. At the same time to overcome this distance is around the lake: by car the trip will take about an hour by train or two hours.

Какой авиарейс самый короткий, а какой – самый длинный?

Previously, the most was a short international flight length of 10 minutes, which from Vienna to Bratislava performs airline FlyNiki. And among the domestic destinations is officially the shortest in the world is the airline Loganair, a route which passes between two small Islands in Scotland. The flight duration is exactly 2 minutes, and the distance between these Islands barely exceeds the length of the runway at one of the local airports.

By the way, the longest non-stop flight is on route Newark Singapore, it regularly commits Airbus Singapore Airlines. Depending on weather conditions the flight can take anywhere from 18 hours and 40 minutes to 19 hours. During this time the passengers cross the distance in 15 of 345 km, which is almost equal to the length of Eurasia from West to East.