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Statistics from “AlfaStrakhovanie”

Russian tourists, according to statistics cited by the company AlfaStrakhovanie, one more tidbit. The insurer analyzed the customer associated with the bites of various animals or insects abroad from 2011 to 2016. It turns out, who just assaulted our compatriots! Biting horses, piranhas, jellyfish stung, the Russian attacked the protein in the truest sense of the word. In turn, the HotLine.travel also remembered the famous unusual cases of bites of tourists.

Кто и где кусает российских туристов

As noted by AlfaStrakhovanie in its press release of 10 November, the number of such complaints from tourists is growing every year. And increasingly, our compatriots are bitten. Such for five years, 1.8 % of the total number of insured events with the tourists. Of course, it is only those who have applied for compensation. Not surprisingly, the lead in “biting” rating – the countries of South-East Asia (66.7% of all bites). Ahead of all Thailand.

Most of the Russians here are in contact with jellyfish (42,9 % of those bitten in the country). This year, due to the invasion of Fizuli, the poison which is dangerous to human life, Phuket is even close beaches. Russian tourists also favor dogs (31 %) and insects (14.3 per cent). As they say, love the exotic – like mosquitoes, spiders, cockroaches, Scorpions. Here, someone who you eat them fried, or they’ll Ponamareva. Cats and monkeys bite Russians in Thailand, a little less often – 7.1% and 2.3%, respectively.

The second country in the rating – Indonesia. Here the greatest number of troubles with tourists occurred because of the dogs – almost half of the cases of bites. Every third Russian angry monkeys. 4.2% of tourists are bitten by squirrels, has received the honorary bronze.

In Vietnam, tourists are almost equally often suffered from insect bites (42,9 %) and dogs (42,7 %), but in India the leaders have changed: dog – 85.7% of bites, insects – 14,3 %.

Accidents because cats were not recorded, but the insect bites in South-East Asia, often leads to serious consequences, including allergic reactions, says Yegor Safrygin, Director of marketing Department of “Medicine” AlfaStrakhovanie group.

In European countries cases with bites less (13.6% of all bites). In Bulgaria, the tourists were only biting insects. And in Spain the tourists suffered from horses, in Latvia and Belgium – from ticks. “But if insects and mites can’t help it, you only need to rely on their judgment, in the irresistible desire to pet cats, dogs, horses, monkeys need to ensure that the animal does not mind, and even better – not to do this. Sometimes you should not even be touched-fishes in the waters: we have a case of attacking piranhas to tourists in Bolivia,” adds Egor Safrygin.

HotLine.travel offers a selection of unusual stories of bites tourists, about which wrote mass media.

Crocodile attacked a married couple in the pool

“Nile crocodile attacked a young couple bathing in the pool of one of the hotels in the town of Kariba in Northern Zimbabwe. The incident occurred on the evening of October 27 when young people were in the pool with his back to the bushes from which came out the crocodile. Video camera footage published by the TV channel “360”.

The video shows how the reptile passes between the sun loungers by the pool, and then suddenly thrown into the water and attack unsuspecting tourists. The man immediately jumped out of the water, and she abruptly sailed in the other direction, however, the crocodile managed to slightly bite down on the victim’s hand. Another hotel guest, who witnessed the incident, came to the aid of the girl he scared off the predator,” – write “news”. The story took place relatively recently, on 27 October this year.

Bitten by the cartoon hero

And this is one of the tourist tales, which, however, could be realistic. “Our tourist in Italy after a drink sat on the parapet, and somewhere in there got bit by a rat. Was called doctor. The wound is treated, as well as English, our guy did not work out, he said that he was bitten by Mickey mouse. After this statement, he was placed in a psychiatric hospital. But all ended well: with the help of the Consulate cleared up, but the help from the Italian doctors when translated literally written was the following: the patient States that he was bitten by a cartoon character” – write on one of the professional tourism forums.

 Кто и где кусает российских туристов

A woman was bitten by a snake pickled in the bottle with alcohol

This story happened with a Chinese woman. She was attacked by a snake three months living in a bottle of rice wine. Such Souvenirs from China, by the way, are in demand among our visitors.

“A long stay in the bottle with alcohol does not kill snakes – so sad the lesson had to learn about the citizen of China who decided to taste the rice wine. In it for a taste of three months marinated dangerous reptile, which jumped on the woman from the bottle, when TA was having dinner,” reports The Epoch Times.

Before the first star

Famous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova on holiday in Turkey was bitten by a fish. It happened during the tour on the boat when she decided to swim in the open sea. Volochkova was immediately taken to the clinic of the famous five-star hotel Mardan Palace in Antalya, and pictures of her bitten leg still had a long walk on the Internet, however, like many other of her selfe to rest.

No luck and host of “heads and tails” Jeanne Badoeva. It in Mexico was bitten by a crocodile. “Vacation, I prefer the extreme but not to the same extent, In the Mexican zoo, I was bitten by a crocodile, and if not for the guide, I would have been now with one hand” – later told reporters Jeanne.

A Russian tourist was bitten by a police officer in Thailand

Russian tourists themselves with their teeth. It was in Pattaya last year. Two law enforcement officials saw Russian who slept on the street nearby. The police decided to bring the Russians to the Department, but we are not so easy to take! Tourist put in the van, but the entrance to the site man bit one of the officers in the leg and jumped out of the van, but was unable to go far because he was pretty drunk.

What sort of stories happened to you or your travelers?