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In the Dominican Republic passengers spent more than an hour in a stuffy cabin

To the editor HotLine.travel asked the Director of the Agency: he told me how at the weekend when departing from Punta Cana along with the other passengers spent more than an hour in the cabin of the Boeing 747 off the air conditioning. It was after several hours of waiting for delayed flight at the airport, and nerves many passed…

Кто ответит за «сауну» в самолёте?

The Director of the Chelyabinsk travel Agency “Mega-tour” Oleg ikov, returning on Saturday, October 29, from the Dominican Republic home, became a hostage of circumstances. Even in the morning there appeared information about the fact that the flight, scheduled for 15:30, will not take place on time. The travel agent called the tour operator who had purchased the trip to clarify all the details.

He confirmed that the departure is postponed to a later time, but from hotels, tourists will be taken in the morning, as scheduled. On the question of why not move the time of the transfer, said: “the Airline “Russia” made the decision – the registration of passengers on the flight will be on time.”

About how events developed further, says the travel agent:

“In the end had to spend a few hours in the airport waiting for a flight. While not all the tourists knew in the next room the air conditioning worked, many, including families with children, spent all that time in a stuffy, unventilated room. However, the most interesting thing started after the passengers were in the cabin. After closing the door it turned out that the takeoff cannot be made on the strip is a liner of a different airline. How long will the waiting for departure, neither the commander nor the flight attendants announced. The air conditioning was not working. Flight attendants explained that this is a design feature of the aircraft: the air-conditioning can not be done with the engine off. The commander did not come out to communicate with the passengers, apparently not considered necessary to explain something.

The heat was hellish – it was 35 degrees, add to the stuffiness in the cabin, which was formed due to the fact that the door staff refused to open. The feeling was that you in the sauna. After half an hour people started to feel bad because of the heat. All were nervous, asked to do something, for example, run an auxiliary power unit, which will allow you to turn on the air conditioning. However, they were denied. The cabin crew tried to reassure passengers that they are in the same position, it is too hot. However, it is easier from this no was. People were outraged, and they can understand! Then the crew began to receive statements that those passengers that are engaged in “sabotage”, may be removed from the flight. This only worsened the mood on Board and led to a new wave of discontent.

At some point the situation escalated so that heat exhausted people started to shout “Door! Door!” – trying to ensure that the salon began to flow fresh air. However, the door is opened only at the moment when one of the passengers became ill – she started to lose consciousness. To the liner ambulance arrived to help her. People were finally able to get some fresh air.

A request to connect an external cooling unit, the the captain of the ship said that at the airport of Punta Cana it is not. This post has caused doubts of tourists. And for good reason! Just a few minutes to the liner still drove an external cooling unit, the salon (the same one where “no”). Even after some time on Board it was possible to be. In total, on the tarmac, the plane stayed for about 2 hours.

And now the question: who is responsible for this mess?”