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Alexey Kozhevnikov offers to quit politics and to deal with the economy

Alexey Kozhevnikov , Vice – President of all-Russian public organization of small and medium business “OPORA Russia”, head of Committee on development of domestic and inbound tourism. Especially for readers HotLine.travel, he shared his thoughts about what is stopping the citizens of Russia see their country.

Почему внутренний туризм в России отдыхает

The Constitution of the Russian Federation guarantees to citizens the right to rest. To relax the average Russian is usually no more a couple times a year. This does not mean that it will automatically join the ranks of tourists, plying the expanses of Russia and not only. Have tourism development objective constraints in the form of habits to relax in the country and poverty.

But let us remember that, firstly, tourism is a phenomenon of the off-season, and secondly, not necessarily associated with long trips. How much do we know about the regions in which they live? Do their history, natural and cultural attractions? Often visited the neighboring region and what we know about what our neighbors living? Meanwhile, everyone – without exception – a Russian region has a gentlemanly set of interesting places and events with which – good or not – find local and regional authorities.

Why not? Answers to this question may be a bit – no incentives, no budget, no deal, there are more priorities, etc., etc.

And that’s how it is: there is a public task – the development of domestic tourism, but beyond the slogans and buzz words it is moving slowly.

Problems in countries that are traditionally in demand by Russians do not have to convince our officials that you can do nothing. “Very go”. Those who had a rest in Turkey or Egypt, you’re not going anywhere with the Russian resorts. To think so is naive.

By the way, in Turkey and Egypt by the end of 2014, accounted for half of all foreign travel of Russians – all, not just a tourist.

The industry is “industry”. That is, first of all, the sector of the economy, the effectiveness of which depends on the level of competition, the quality of measures of state support. Domestic tourism is necessary to develop specific business plans in the hands and management solutions. In this industry we need economic goals, as measured by the numbers.

For example, to increase the share of tourism in GDP to the designated year to a certain percentage. On the scale of the industry is the fact that the global GDP share of tourism is 10 %. Egypt – about 11.3 %. Greece and Spain above 15 %. For comparison: in Russia – 1,5 % of GDP in all of our beauty, great climate and outstanding natural diversity.

Perhaps a lot could change, whether in the tourism industry dedicated professional industry with his Ministry. And so it turns out that many cooks spoil the broth… Sanatorium subordinated to the Ministry of health. Responsible for the hotels included in the structure of the Ministry of culture, the Federal tourism Agency. For restaurateurs is the Ministry of industry and trade, etc. as a result, the problem becomes even obtaining correct statistics about the number of Russians vacationing in the country, but not in their suburban areas. Need mechanisms of management of the tourism industry to the area of responsibility of the state and private business have been clearly defined, so that entrepreneurs could find themselves in this area, revealing their own potential, improving the quality of service in this segment of the economy. Tourism is a huge market in services to develop small and medium businesses of each region.

On this road we have still a lot to learn. For example, the ability to file the sights of Russia for Russians and foreign tourists is a basic element, without which it will not be really effective propaganda Yes internal tourism. Take, for example, St. Petersburg and Moscow is the major tourist attraction of foreign tourists in Russia. In these cities tourists have information, and that where there to watch. And many of our regions and have not learned to tell potential travelers, what is the difference sanatorium in Anapa from the sanatorium in the suburbs.

Besides, at current prices for domestic flights, the vast majority of the inhabitants of Siberia and the Far East to get to the Crimea or Sochi, even if there will be a very cheap vacation.

Another important point is the virtualisation of the tourism market. Yes, many old-fashioned go to the travel agent, but becoming more and more of those who decide the organization of your holiday destination via the Internet. With this trend cannot be ignored. And this is just one of the tools that can and should be used to change the quality of the domestic tourism industry. Further, we expect mobile apps in this sector.

A creation of the uniform register of subjects of tourist business, comprehensive performance reviews of all hotels to stardom. Another problem – the unauthorized construction and “grandma, taking the house for the summer”, – they also need to somehow integrate in the legal tourist business, without prejudice to the legitimate financial interests.

To internal tourism in Russia was transformed from a political slogan into a profitable business that the majority of Russians, as is happening now, stopped to spend holidays at home or in the country just because they have no money to even drive to the nearest Russian resort or just beautiful places, we need, as we say, a road map for the development of the industry. With clear goals and deadlines: what, where, when we want to do for tourists. What financial indicators to achieve. Responsible power, and for that business.

Main tasks:

– the transformation of the tourism industry in the real sector of the economy;
– reformatting of state support of domestic tourism;
– development of propaganda of domestic tourism;
– creation of a unified registry and system of categorization of subjects of tourist industry.

Political slogans is over – tourism should bring the regions cash, and the Russians an unforgettable experience. But first we need to make it a full-fledged sector of the economy.