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And what else could end in a final inspection of the airports?

The final stage of a long process of resuming flights to Egypt, apparently, has come. In the country in the near future to enjoy another on from Russia. This time final. It is expected that by the end the two sides will sign a bilateral Memorandum. This final trip is considered as the Egyptian authorities, and the Russian Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov. In a recent interview on 31 October he suggested that if Cairo will invite Moscow in December, the report to Vladimir Putin about the readiness of Egyptian airports to accept flights from Russia will be ready on the eve of new year holidays.

Подарят ли российским туристам Египет на Новый год?

The Minister of civil aviation of Egypt Sherif Fahti also confident that the visit will take place in December, and promised in his end of the “good news”. And according to his colleagues from the Ministry of tourism, Egypt has surpassed many countries for security and “fully prepared” as a tourist destination.

Formally, to open Egypt really all ready. In test mode earned the new terminal in Cairo – it is planned that he will make the flight from Russia. Agreed roadmap, the action plan of the Egyptian authorities to ensure safety. Russian tour operators have reserve sides for rapid start-up Charter programs.

However, judging by the numerous reviews of travel agents and the tourists themselves, in the resumption of flights to Egypt, many will not believe. What do you think? Whether Russian tourists to count on Egypt as a new year gift from Vladimir Putin? Take part in the survey.